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Pregnancy Posture and Working from Home

Yay! First blog post! We know the Internet is a vast place with tons of information (and cat videos), so thanks for choosing to spend a few minutes with us! Let’s face it: life as we know it has changed- and quickly. Work life looks different. Home life looks different. How we spend our day looks different. For many individuals, this is the first time that an opportunity to work from home has been available. Which, in so many ways, is awesome! How cool is it that lots of work can be done in a bath robe with tiny “assistants” (animals and kiddos)?! However, this might also mean going from an ergonomically friendly workstation to being hunched over on the couch. We don’t need to be the ones to tell you that this will lead to lots of aches and pains. That applies to everyone. As a pregnant person, you’ve got even more challenges! Let’s talk ways to make working from home practical for your pregnancy!

First, let’s talk sitting position. While sitting on the floor cross-legged may be the easiest option for you, it may not be the most biomechanically advantageous for you or your growing baby. Focus on sitting with your knees below your hips. This position gives baby lots of room, and it takes pressure off of your sacrum- the bone at the base of your spine that connects your two hipbones. This area of the spine contains lots of nerves that go into the ovaries, uterus, lower back and pelvic muscles, as well as the parasympathetic plexus (a cluster of nerves that allows your body to chill). You’ve heard of people having “back labor pains”? Typically, that comes from baby’s head pushing into the sacrum in a less-than-ideal position and irritating all of those nerves. Trust us- you’ll want to be nice to your sacrum.

Next, take breaks! Believe it or not, sitting for too long is considered a physical stress, which can overload your nervous system. “Too long” is different for each individual. It’s important to listen to your body. If you feel it’s time to get up and move, it’s time to get up and move. During one of your breaks, try a few of these exercises (click for links to helpful videos)!

  • Forward Leaning Inversion recommended by Spinning Babies (which is a GREAT resource!)
    • Current recommendations are to hold the inversion for 3 really slow breaths and to transition into/from this position with smooth even movements thinking about balance between the left and right side.
  • Cat/Cow
    • Let your belly drop as low as possible in the cow position. This one is great for getting the pelvis moving even if you’re not able to go for a walk!
  • “Figure 4” seated position
    • This one is great for stretching the hip muscles and even relieving sciatica pain!
  • Ball Squeeze
    • Pubic bone pain? Try this! It helps with strengthening the tiny muscles surrounding the pubic bone combatting potential instability of the area.

These tips should hold you over until you’re able to see your chiropractor again (you know we had to give a plug for adjustments)! When this is all said and done, it’s safe to say that our bodies, minds, and spirits will have felt some STRESS. As a Webster Certified office, we specialize in helping pregnant people prepare their bodies for delivery by restoring biomechanical balance to the spine (ie undoing the inevitable bad posture of being stuck at home) as well as physiologic balance back to the nervous system (ie get your body out of fight-or-flight mode). The name of the game is adaptation, and we’re here to help!